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  2. Who is banned that should be unbanned?
  3. im watchin u..
  4. @Hergsfess up you stupid salamander, you obese orangutan you zipper zoinker you dumb dog
  5. is there any other t4 maps that blackout said "its justa really hard t3!!" that u or obese orangutan added
  6. remove it
  7. If you need any help with testing just ask, i'm great at finding bugs.
  8. Delete your binds that literally spam the chat for 20 seconds, stop saying n word in every other sentence, be more friendly to new people
  9. if its t3 then ask to add it in map suggestions, if its higher then don't.
  10. Post any times that you think are super boosted/glitched so someone can remove them Surf_portal_game_v4? (dont know exact name) : blackout has a 15 second time but you can't get that because its patched surf_primetime_revamp : strom superboosted time surf_escape? (@herg i am sory) : if i'm not mistake it's impossible to get wr because of the spawn box at the top being exploited
  11. remove surf_atlantis not a meme thread
  12. Post any suggestions you would like to see implemented to the jb server. /darkroom (playername) : kills and respawns the player to a different cell, some maps have spawn locations in the ground /rules / /showrules (playername) : opens the rules. forcefully opens the rules