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  1. look who is afraid 2 lose so he makes stacked team
  2. medurandallaurenceballsjared sorypinch
  3. why are u watching ur own video
  4. stream the roll on ur stream or its rigged
  5. w8 w8 w8 w8 w8 w8w w 8w 8w 8w 8w w8ur trying 2 tell me that if a retardo gets captain and i dont like him, he can pick me and ruin my chances at winning money?
  6. zscobybboosbyscobbybbobbysscobbyboobysssscobbybobbys copper 2 recruit i dont see this question im jsut copying jareds post no thanks
  7. welcome bru
  8. ah yes R O L L T I D E
  9. no pro players allowed
  10. i agree but a couple things to mention here, when we got a steady pop going up for an hour or two, we would get like 15-25 people, it would be good for a map or two but then cts would be free killing or just not taking warden, and there was no one online with admin that was doing anything, you were usually afk giving out keys or doing something else, mopi tabs out and starts jerking to osu after he dies, russian doesn't know how to play the game so he doesn't know whats a freekill or not, shiro was usually at work. it also doesn't help people were BEGGING for jb since lg started and once it came out they called it shit over and over and never got on to help populate it (@dash butthole). I believe it has actaul potential, the plugin is amazing, rachnus is dedicated 2 fixing bugs and adding shit, but it needs a push from all of us to keep the intial playerbase steady.
  11. ah yes gud meme
  12. whats ur rank
  13. after i had a talk with a big man with large cans i'm done with the mad harassment