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  1. adc btw
  2. i know a good adc
  3. con khi
  4. "you guys will get 2 keys each in like a week" 1 week later btw "i'm not giving you toxic shits money"
  5. Someone has to make a league tourney bc our well rounded buddy is 2 lazy, Dates: After school Prizes srs picture btw) I don't care if you bring people that aren't from LG, but just don't try to bring in a full team of diamonds or some shit to try to win format: League name: Role you play:
  6. Great Tourney, Everything went well and the prizes were amazing,I hope we have another soon!!!
  7. look who is afraid 2 lose so he makes stacked team
  8. medurandallaurenceballsjared sorypinch
  9. why are u watching ur own video
  10. stream the roll on ur stream or its rigged
  11. w8 w8 w8 w8 w8 w8w w 8w 8w 8w 8w w8ur trying 2 tell me that if a retardo gets captain and i dont like him, he can pick me and ruin my chances at winning money?