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  1. scoobyboobys liked a status update by Shiro , I just wanted to say thank you everyone, for being part of something that means so   
    I just wanted to say thank you everyone, for being part of something that means something very dear to myself and staff. We are looking to expand a lot, and it seems over the past weekend the surf server has blown up with an incredibly large amount of unique players, some of which that have already become integrated with our community. If you see other new players hovering around, please try to make them feel welcome, I've spent a long time off the servers and as of late I've rejoined to meet everyone that joins and try to make them feel like they belong here. I've actually forgotten how fun it was, to meet new people and play a game together and actually enjoy it and now that I have it back, I do not want to lose it. 

    That being said, Jailbreak is coming soon. We have some pretty interesting plugin optimization and some cool things that are unique to our server. Hope it blows up the way Surf did, and I'm sure everyone will do the same kind of work and effort that the Surf Regulars have done. I will attempt to do the same, and give JB the push it needs to become as populated as surf has become. 
    Much love everyone, and thank you for being amazing. I can see the genuine feelings everyone has to try to help it grow, and if I have been quick to be bitter about things I apologize. My main focus for the past week that i've taken off work has been purely getting this community moving into the direction it needs to go in and I strongly believe that it is in the right direction now. 
    Special thanks to these boys and girls for doing their damn best work to get Surf going.
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  2. scoobyboobys liked a status update by Mopi , https://www.instagram.com/p/BO8cbkAjmF6/ @erik :] ?   
    https://www.instagram.com/p/BO8cbkAjmF6/ @erik :] ?