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  1. +1 that being said, my corgi's name is Milo.
  2. what a guy
  3. mainly english am somewhat fluent in both german and spanish tho
  4. neckbeard, lowkey dislikes black people dislikes digiorno i found myself today.
  5. @ebic second life, lit ass game.
  6. Hi

    dis nikka
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PNRPReloaded/discussions/0/1842367319512479769/
  8. i hope you stay here, we need more diversity... jk, whats good haha
  9. asuna, monkey, please don't get banned again lmao
  10. paint me a badass dragon ill be your friend 4ever.
  11. I read the "Ninja" in your name, thought of Ninjadude, and started laughing.
  12. same with me, if you need help with building spawns/shops or other shit hmu