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  1. nice meme thread
  2. who r u and y do you @ me?
  3. +1, I've known him since the slayers days, always been a cool guy and willing to help out the newer players. Great guy, he would make an excellent operator ^.^
  4. Excited for Giants to consistently make playoffs?!?!
  5. This isn't worthy of the toilet :>
  6. +1 Has mic, makes my surf experience better, long time member of SG & experienced with admin, beat surf_friday. I think erik would do an excellent job as admin :~).
  7. you ugly lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!
  8. ...
  9. Maybe if you have autism :|
  11. who is lolz?!?!
  12. erik is already sexy 2 me because he can beat surf_friday, but yes I've heard him he sounds very attractive!!
  13. Buy cloud 2s rn. They're pretty great, mic quality is gr8, make you sound like sexy man.
  14. This video I've found is very brief yet tells you all the things you need to know to learn how to surf. From my experience, watching videos is only informative on what you should do, you'll best learn from your own experience and practice. Start at the lowest tier (1) and work your way up the tiers over a long period of time. I would recommended maps like mesa, aircontrol, utopia and kitsune for someone starting out surf. I encourage you to try every map that's on rotation though, never give up on a map, if you keep surfing you'll eventually be able to work out those kinks that all beginners have, not being smooth and what not. Try improving your times on maps that you have beaten until you can't anymore, watch the bot to get the route of the map and try to mimic it to the best of your ability. If you ever need any help while on the LG servers I'd be willing to show or tell you on how you can improve. Have fun surfing!
  15. +1. Great guy, always on but needs to use mic more! :^)