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  1. Don't put me in, but I would like to say happy early birthday before i forget.
  2. Ever since I was born, I was born in the world of terror. I will quote the black eye peas for this " People killin', people dyin', children hurt you hear them cryin'." This was my lifestyle ever since I came out of my mother womb. As I grew older, I began to see that the world was not a peaceful place, but a world of terrible people. When I was was at the age of 4, I helped work at my aunt's bakery. As I stood there on the stool washing the dishes, two men jumped the counter and began to do unspeakable things to her. They began to touch her in her no no square, and one of them saw me at the corner of their eye. One of them held my aunt down when the other tried grabbing for me. I grabbed a knife from the washed and stabbed the man in the eye. His friend who was holding my aunt fled the scene, and there it was my aunt with her panties down and a dead man on the floor. From that day, I was going to defend the people I loved the most. I began to work to build my body so I can again someday finish the job and find the person who raped my aunt. As turned of the age of 18, my aunt had passed away from the sexually transmitted disease those two men had put into my aunt. You see, my aunt was always there for me. My mother and father would always be working, so she would take care of me. On her death bed, she whispered in her last breath " protect those who need saving." At that moment, I knew what my task would be. I worked my butt off getting into the local police station and becoming an officer. I would live up to my aunt's last wish. With this game, I'm able to practice my duty in protecting people of innocence, and obliterating people of terrorism. Throughout my training in law enforcement, I learned how to handle a gun, but I never truly learned how to save and protect others. With your donation of this copy, I will get to fully forefill my aunt's dying wish.
  3. I believe that you should not judge him for his behavior in SG, but just remember what he did. He deserves a chance because it's a new community. @Xray This is your chance to redeem yourself. Don't fuck this up.
  4. You should name it Hurricane. That's a pretty cool name.
  5. You should just change it to the LG logo.
  6. This nigga talking about the rules. I don't know which is more autistic, this admin application or Xray's comment. You got something right for once though Xray, the server did just open today. I'm going to give this guy a -1 on his app because: 1. This server had just opened today and you act like you've played on it for a month judging from the tone of your admin app. 2. " I can be the "Nice guy" when I have to and I can also use my powers when there are people that are in need of punishment." Admins of all communities/servers are supposed to keep control of the server while having a cool head and be reasonable when giving punishment. When you say "I can be the "Nice guy" when I have to," does that mean you're going to be an asshole the whole time on the sever until another admin comes on to expose your ass? That's how most of the admins were on slayer. 3. You've just recently made an account on the Lethal gamers forum and have no experience of any kind with how the servers and community runs. Bro, you even skipped the introduction, making you seem really desperate and power hungry to get admin so you can do so as you please. I'm not saying you will do this, it's just how most of the shit goes down when servers allow new members to be admins too quick. I don't know you or ever have every played with you. I haven't even gotten onto any of the servers for about a week. It's not my call, but I recommend you play on the server and be part of the community for a while so you can be familiar with how things operate in this community. @admins I'm just going off of what I already know from looking at forums and discord, so you can ignore my comment if I'm out of place for saying these things.
  7. This sounds like the time Xray left because he got a girlfriend. I'll let you know when I get on to counter strike, I'll make it fun for you bro! I will admit that cs does get boring time to time, but when you get a 4 man lobby and a random, that shit turns hella fun. All you gotta do is fuck with the random for most of the game, and when you're about to win the game, kick him. :) ez entertainment.
  8. He was getting roasted online, now he's gonna get roasted in real life.
  9. People online told me that you look like how you sound. A faggot. You look like a faggot. I luv u still.
  10. AYYY sap Warden
  11. Oh boi, time to post all my stuff here.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Shure-SE112m-GR-Microphone-Compatible/dp/B00NY5ZROW/ref=pd_ybh_a_24?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=9YW2FRS867SHGN9J2GXR If you're willing to pay a little more, these are hell worth. I used to use it for working out and sleeping. Nice bass if you're into that.
  13. These are the rules that I believe that people playing ct would try and be a smart ass about. 1. For random shooting, there will be T's who are going to spam admins for CT's shooting at literally anything. Some of them will try and use this rule and get the CT move to T, or banned on CT. Even when the CT is shooting at a t, the admin would have nothing but the witness' word on who is spam shooting. idk. I just feel like this is a useless rule. 2. For damaging vents, I think you should just erase the suspect part. The CT should have at least proof before going into the vent. I've seen to many CT's that " Suspect a personer has gone through (do not camp vents)." In the end, you know that some CT's would just abuse the shit out of this rule. If you called out a CT for vent camping it would always be " Oh I thought someone went into vents." Here's and example: A T is breaking vents in a map like Papa's Kingdom and the T gets killed by a CT. Then the CT would hop in and go around the vents knowing that there is no one inside. They would first go to armory, then loop back to see if any T had escaped into vents again. After, they would turn the other direction and do go into the vent that goes to the 4 square part of the map and loop back. The CT would could continuously do this until he get another kill, and if the admin says that he's vent camping, the CT could say " I suspected that a T was in vents." I think you should change it to >Damage vents or go into them unless you hear/see/told to enter vents by warden to pursue a prisoner that has gone through (do not camp vents). 3. I know you don't want the CT's to be Nazi, but how hard is it not to move in game. AFK freeze means to be Away From Keyboard. This would also mean your mouse. All the T would have to is follow what the warden says. It's kind of the T's fault for moving. Don't really need to change, but I feel like it's unnecessary. 4. Dipshit CT's would just go around to their favorite part of the map and play the games. If an admin ask the CT to go back to their warden or to get out of the game/room, the smart ass CT would always reply, " I'm pursuing a T." A CT should only be out of the warden's sight if the CT is going to heal, or actually told to by warden to pursue the T. Like I said, these are the CT rules that I believe that people would try to abuse, and find a loop hole in the game. I believe the rules should be flexible and should be constantly update if there is a problem with it. It's been multiple times that there have been a loop hole in the rules, but Slayers would always take their sweet time changing it. It took them about 6 months in their community to finally make the game " Dodge the Granade" to be banned in the JB server.
  14. Are you going to do interviews where community mod and up will ask the applier questions on admin related topics?