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  1. +1 great guy,down to earth,VERY helpful and a all around great guy to have a conversation with. Never seen him be toxic. great candidate
  2. @JGamby start surfing brotha man
  3. Well you see here sunny, When we get old our eye sight starts to go.. also back in my day boy the schooling wasn't the same to teach us how to spell good
  4. My name is jeremy i go by MothaFuckaJones in game i am a server operator. i am an old fag that surfs alot i dont shut up so you have prob already met me but i would like to say HELLO this is my first and only into to leathalgamers :p
  5. I think your a nice person and mature you have great potential but you should interact more with the community this being new and veteran members(not just your surf friends). You are a good surfer but do not offer much help to others nor do you speak to often. Being an admin you dont just moderate the sever you also help build the community.
  6. Hellz ya keeping it original since 92 BB
  7. +1 great guy, really nice down to earth. Hes willing to teach others how to surf and get past the more difficult stages of maps. On the server a good amount as well.
  8. Roasted.. sounds to me that he likes the idea just wants me to do the work. I cant promise anything @August but i will try..
  9. we could always get a group of like 10 to 15 not to many of the coolest looking ones even do votes on peoples favorites and just add those or every couple months change them up. i mean a seagull is not worth me building up 1000 credits ill save for the models but a badass fire hawk ill pay 5k -10k credits for.
  10. So hear me out here, im not sure how easy this is to implement but i think it would be an awesome idea. So world of warcraft has thousands of companion pets. flying,water,fire,weapons,humanoid ect. i think the ones we have are kinda boring.. These companions in wow are small most close to the same sizes as the ones we have already. so many to choose from if these would be some what easy to add i would be willing to key in names of the most epic looking ones to bring to the server. Whats your opinions on this? take a look for people that dont know..http://www.warcraftpets.com/wow-pets/index/
  11. @Shiro done.Thank you all for the comments i enjoy the positive vibs and to know how much of a positive impact it sounds like iv made.:)..
  12. +1 kind and respectful person. offers a lot of help to knew surfers..
  13. In Game Name: motha fucka jones STEAM_ID: 1:1:119788412 Hours: 32 Server: surf and ttt if you guys bring it back Age: 24 Do you have a Mic? yes What can you do for the server? Help keep the cancer at a low I have never been a toxic player and only step in when needed. I also like to help give as much advice as I possibly can. Why do you want to be admin? I play more late at night and would like to be able to monitor the servers when most others are offline. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners ) I am open anytime. you name it ill be they're. (thanks shiro <3)