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  1. hi

    ey b0ss
  2. Hi

    ey b0ss
  3. @night what is your discord ID I don't see you in the ban list
  4. @erik :] this man's fate is in your hands, what say you?
  5. What is this weeb chit
  6. Giveaway has been over for a week fam. I'll lock this.
  7. I gotchu homie
  8. Appreciate you doing this fam
  9. y do u center ur text
  10. p250 af
  11. Waiting for the new server & plugin to be ready so we can see who is going to stay active, do you really want an answer yet?
  12. Or you can just not visit here anymore?
  13. ey b0ss
  14. ey b0ss
  15. You're a junior staff member of Slayers Gaming. Boom roasted.