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  1. Waiting for the new server & plugin to be ready so we can see who is going to stay active, do you really want an answer yet?
  2. Or you can just not visit here anymore?
  3. ey b0ss
  4. ey b0ss
  5. You're a junior staff member of Slayers Gaming. Boom roasted.
  6. Why don't you fucking @ me ?
  7. Denied by request
  8. Quick update which may not seem like much because I'm waiting until we're ready to announce some bigger things. Also been pretty slow the past few weeks due to the semester ending. -Waiting for @denros to finish the new time tracker integration, so we will be using addicttime still for the time being. Times have been reset & since we've been tracking for the past 2 months instead of 1 I just gave everyone that has a top10 time instead of top5 the reward particle. @nick @VAC Scout @Fat Crack Rock @LG | Rocco @Code @ComfortTaco KEBA @spam McCroo pls @Mo. The new tracker is also reset and working properly, just waiting on the web integration part of it, so once he is finished we can convert during the middle of the month. New tracker will fix the issue of some people's times randomly resetting + won't penalize players for being in spectator (big for surf) -Unrelated to LG but I will be releasing my jailbreak prefab mapping pack very soon which has games from 200+ decompiled maps -We will make a big effort in the start of the summer to kick Jailbreak off again. I really believe we just need people to see the plugin to stay. -Big surf announcement coming soon!
  9. Don't enter me in but happy early birthday bud
  10. I haven't made any plugin changes so I'll tag @Shiro
  11. I've made some changes, tell me if it happens again on map end
  12. Denied
  13. Accepted
  14. ey b0ss