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  1. Doge Thank me later.
  2. This dude is a monster, he has been working 10+ hrs a day the past 3 days on it. My god. @Rachnus
  3. Map removed, no need to wipe db as nobody completed it
  4. Denied for now simply because the server will have some downtime.
  5. Not addaing T4. Does atlantis actually need to be removed, can't tell if meme or no
  6. Here is the old thread with a lot of the features we will also be adding. Anybody can feel free to post in this thread any ideas regarding what else should be included here :^)
  7. Recently we re-launched Jailbreak again, but after just 2 days it has come to our attention that there are quite a few bugs to work out. The issue is that Addicted has chosen to not give out his sourcecode (which is completely okay, he is the one who coded it by himself and has the right to do so, this is not a rag on him) however it makes it that much harder for us to debug and fix these issues without hacky fixes. Also, even if we did decide to band-aid these issues, it just doesn't make sense in the long run development plan to run our server in this fashion. So we have come to 2 conclusions that may be disheartening in the present but better for us as a community in the long run. 1) To truly have a server population take off after launch in 2017, you need to have custom mods and features. There is simply too much competition with quality servers to run a basic public plugin on and expect for it to go anywhere. 2) We have a committed developer that he himself has a past connection with Jailbreak which makes him the perfect man for the job! I would like to introduce @Rachnus, who will be taking on the role for development of this project. I have already had quite a few things done from him in the past and can vouch he is knowledgeable and fast. I will not give an exact ETA on the timing, but I will say I do not expect it to take relatively as long. I understand there are quite a few people here that have been waiting awhile for Jailbreak to really take off, but this is what really makes the most sense for us going forward. Hopefully you guys will not be too dissapointed as I reassure you we are committed to making this succesful. Thanks.
  8. ey boss
  9. Don't remember or think I would have a reason to anyways ey boss welcome
  10. +1
  11. I was the one who actually made the edits to that map back in SG, I'll remove the logo tonight when I can get a chance
  12. -Removed ugly css on top navigation bar for cleaner look -Profile pictures are now circular -Fixed issue with profile pics not loading on latest donations widget -New discord widget! Right side of the screen on the home page. -Staff page released. Can be found HERE -Fixed ckSurf replay bot which wasn't loading -Fixed bug in surf where knife wouldn't spawn Jailbreak will be launched tonight, Friday 3/17 at 7:30 EST (4:30 PST)! A key giveaway event will also be going on so be there!
  13. ey boss
  14. Spectrum Case Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Base Grade Container Container Series #207 Contains one of the following: PP-Bizon | Jungle Slipstream SCAR-20 | Blueprint Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze Five-SeveN | Capillary MP7 | Akoben P250 | Ripple Sawed-Off | Zander Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami M249 | Emerald Poison Dart MAC-10 | Last Dive UMP-45 | Scaffold XM1014 | Seasons AWP | Fever Dream CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu M4A1-S | Decimator AK-47 | Bloodsport USP-S | Neo-Noir or an Exceedingly Rare Special Item! Case Still waiting for to update with images