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  1. hi
  2. Anyone think there wil be fire/ice on butterfly? Or even possibly one butt pluug all red and the other all blue?
  3. Hey crim
  4. If i fund for a kz server will you guys run it? Literally the only reason i still play cs tbh
  5. No David! by David Shannon
  7. fucking kill yourself Diva Mizuki @Laurence @Joxen!
  8. All the Asian gooks in one post. Great.
  9. Hi

    Hey its 2nig
  10. Hey clint
  11. Hey bike
  12. That door actually makes this puzzle impossible to solve without "cheating", i.e folding a corner of the page to continue the line allowing you to skip around a door Or you could literally just draw a line through all the doors
  13. Hey birthday brother
  14. Hey joey, glad you could make it
  15. Same Lets play some squad nom