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  1. If everyone on both teams is fine with it, thats fine, but Im not gonna move up the match for just one person
  2. All matches will be played tomorrow night @ 11pm EST (8pm PST). Each team will be able to ban 1 map each per match, after that the teams will vote to choose a map from the remaining map pool. Once maps are selected, the teams will play each other in a best of 1 match. Once a team wins they must take a screenshot and post it in discord. If teams are missing any players they will be given 10 minutes to wait for that player, if that player does not show up, I will assign a player for them for that match of the available players on. Matches: WTC vs Scooby's team Daycare vs The Mad Men Winners will play against each other for the final match, which will be best of 3 I will do my best to get a prize for the winning team
  3. Im gonna add the rule of no subs so that more teams can be made
  4. Operation Health (which comes out the 24th) removes NAT types if that was ur issue
  5. @themonkey was already picked by @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy
  6. You can make your own team, just give me team name and who is playing on it
  7. Imma push the tournament to next friday, you can now make your own teams
  8. Draft will be during the evening of 5/19, exact time and format tba
  9. Accepted, admin will be updated shortly
  10. Accepted, admin will be added shortly
  11. Denied at the moment, feel free to try again next month
  12. The way captains will be picked is tbd
  13. This will be LG's first ever R6 Siege tournament When: May 26th @11pm EST (6pm PST) Prize: TBA (im too poor to afford any atm, but people can donate prizes if they want) If you want to play please post information in the following format: Uplay name: Rank: Best operators: How many operators do you own: Do you want to be a team captain?: Teams: Team Name: WTC Captain: @BatPaws Player 1: @Rai Player 2: @Bill Nye the Nazi Spy Player 3: @Gambino Player 4: themonkey Team Name: ? Captain: Scoobyboobys Player 1: Laurence Player 2: Durandal Player 3: Ballsandweiners Player 4: JaredTogle Name: The Mad Men™️ Captain: Kenguini 1. @pinchedcow 2. @dash 3. @erik :] 4. @Antonio Daycare Captain: Jake 1. @I lose not win 2. @Cailen 3. @Cubin2k 4. @ScarletTarget
  14. hi
  15. Hello