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erik :]

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  1. god exists

  2. i bet your real name is gaylord

    1. erik :]

      erik :]

      i bet ur real name is TheUndertaker from summer 2k15 ttt

  3. what if god is real

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    2. Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      Bill Nye the Nazi Spy

      what if when you say "oh my god" it depends on religion like if you are atheist you say "oh my" or a satanist and you say "oh my satan" ;o

    3. walt wertzel

      walt wertzel

      Durandal has seen the face of God and he was weeping

    4. JGamby


      god is only a figure some decide to allow to enhance their lives. complete, absolute faith in the perseverance of human spirit in the absence of any, strength in the face of peril, and wit in the position of no intelligence. these are but few things people rely upon god to create for them, as if He represents a second will, a stronger presence within the human soul. At the end of it all, people believe in what will allow them to close their eyes peacefully every night, without further stress of the days to come. your individual belief is irrelevant yet crucial to the sustainment of other religion, serving as a double-edged sword to keep or wither away religion within other's lives.

  4. erik
  5. yes please take me off of the team. quality like grab chub I am proud
  6. stop being such a faggot
  7. wow looks like larkman ACTUALLY googled something for once and received an answer to his problems
  8. have u offered addicted money
  9. !swapteam plugin that insta swaps someones team rather than having to go through the buggy menu /ctban for operators+ also a !rule thing that takes u to the rules, and !showrules
  10. +1 from my experience on the server he seems like a chill dude with a lot to offer
  11. +1 a real cool guy
  12. i
  13. shutup idiot weeb your opinion is as useless as the gym in ur life
  14. Yeah this is honestly a problem... I expect a lot more from the older people in this community. Truly sad.