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  1. erik
  2. yes please take me off of the team. quality like grab chub I am proud
  3. stop being such a faggot
  4. wow looks like larkman ACTUALLY googled something for once and received an answer to his problems
  5. have u offered addicted money
  6. !swapteam plugin that insta swaps someones team rather than having to go through the buggy menu /ctban for operators+ also a !rule thing that takes u to the rules, and !showrules
  7. +1 from my experience on the server he seems like a chill dude with a lot to offer
  8. +1 a real cool guy
  9. i
  10. shutup idiot weeb your opinion is as useless as the gym in ur life
  11. Yeah this is honestly a problem... I expect a lot more from the older people in this community. Truly sad.
  12. sexy lady by mc magic taught me enough Spanish to impress the fluent speakers in my school
  13. contact wearing faggot I hope u leave them on too long and fuck ur cornea
  14. @scoobyboobys