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  2. and you get pissed off really easily. My point is proto, you wouldn't keep your status that long. Hell, you tried getting your older brother to beat me up because i posted a picture of you on JB.
  3. -1 although i don't play on servers and shit like that, you are still very immature and too thin-skinned to be an admin. It's a problem for you especially when you feel you have the power to mute them for a long time.
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  5. weeb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uoTNhZM060&list=LL5oVSw0ll1k0gy1c4NhJmyQ&index=3 this is one of my favorites
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  7. i'm cooler
  8. This has been happening for the whole week, and it happens to every map start.
  9. 早! 你好!很高兴认识你,我的名字是昊然!我家二口人。我家有爸爸,和我。我妈妈是不舒服。我有大胖肉。你有小可爱肉!haha! 我的爱好是打游戏,你呢? dewey 喜欢大肉 :)
  10. i made a golf comp like a few days ago, just a weird coincidence sir
  11. very nice but the coincidence of the timing is weird +1
  12. L O L
  13. Is dis u @Watchacheese ur good