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      Durandal: !me

      Lewdbot: Durandal

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  2. 770
  3. either day before 4pm pst
  4. that is the longest vacation i have ever heard
  5. +1 really nice uses mic and easy to talk to. sweeedd
  6. Map: surf_wood Tier: 2 Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/169464 @Lupus
  7. Happy Birthday. 



    1. zuggie24


      i snorted when i first watched this

  9. this is music is the stuff i put to my youtube b roll
  10. In Game Name: Strom STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:52278453 Hours: 27 Hours Server: Beginner Surf Age: 15 Do you have a Mic? Yep What can you do for the server? Provide admin help for when others (admins) are not on. Meeting new players and stopping the bad experiences that can be had. By creating the way people that will see the server and have them stay around. Why do you want to be admin? I want to be admin because I want to help the community grow and become something great. What time are you available for an interview with me in Discord? (After being approved by Management and Owners) Most days after 7pm pst. Thanks for reading.
  11. woa
  12. still stands