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  1. I want it
  2. Jerking off warms up the wrists
  3. Fluent in Spanish, going to Spain for a field trip this summer 👌
  4. I would like to be a character Write me as a strong dramatic female lead
  5. I watched this video a few hours ago and didn't make that connection at all
  6. the oldest he could've been while still being in the 90s was 3 how can you say the 90s was better when you don't remember shit
  7. Ur next
  8. harry potter hunger games
  9. can't you just vote for all of them since there's no penalty for choosing ones that you don't complete smh
  10. :( its not from the show but they used it here
  11. lax is life
  12. Last 10 minutes of La La Land made me cry like a little bitch
  13. Me too but not in the way your talking about