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  1. gimme middle earth mordor thingy 10
  2. Am i missing something or....
  3. Congrats to the winners
  4. Oh well iiii, I can't wait to play another bugged out battle royale style game, wohoo. I still want it tho.
  5. Heyo
  6. Top prisoner: http://gamebanana.com/models/3525 http://gamebanana.com/models/3333 Top warden: http://gamebanana.com/models/2457
  7. I will help with showing new player in the summer how to play. But lately i have 0 time because of my graduation and high standards for forward education. When my graduation is done i'll mainly switch to jb and rank up hours drastically.
  8. It'll be absolutely marvelous to get acquainted with you. Joke aside, i had to you're from the uk. Welcome.
  9. Im not immature i only call people names when i get really pissed off <3 That's something an admin should control or atleast manage since you, as an admin, are representing this community. JB just came out and you're legit trying to apply a few hours after the release. Also age. Not going to say anything else about that.
  10. .

  11. Yeah i agree with you that's why i stayed neutral, i'd always like to see someone be more mature and improve
  12. -1 those hours are too low. Neutral about behavior, you used to be toxic in sg i don't know how you are now.
  13. (this is not to suck someones ass, I couldn't care less just saying a fact.) The admins that are right now were chosen rightfully. They are all mature and i don't think any bans by them would be appealable. This community is actually ran and managed how it should suppose to be, besides, why would you need to appeal a ban from surf/pug, if a person is banned from those two he messed up pretty bad.
  14. Good luck to you @Rachnus