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  1. (this is not to suck someones ass, I couldn't care less just saying a fact.) The admins that are right now were chosen rightfully. They are all mature and i don't think any bans by them would be appealable. This community is actually ran and managed how it should suppose to be, besides, why would you need to appeal a ban from surf/pug, if a person is banned from those two he messed up pretty bad.
  2. Good luck to you @Rachnus
  3. Damn you're and old fag. HI
  4. I like to use the word borrowed. No it's a an Smart Pay Card. google it or i can explain it fast if ya wish
  5. I can go really indept and how my credit card works, but it's not tied to a bank account or my name.
  6. I was just wondering if there will be a different way to donate, since I don't have paypal and i would love to contribute to this community. (didn't want to make a thread for a simple question but i got ignored 3 times in the shoutbox)
  7. Probably never will be, Welcome tho^^
  8. Hell yeah. Welcome
  9. I never said i overdid it. I don't smoke normal cigars, i order them homemade from Cuba which mostly takes 1-2 months.
  10. Cuban cigars and some whiskey. Yo that shit is damn good. But for the post, alcohol when there's a party, weed when chilling with a couple of people.
  11. Your ski trip better involve Alps.
  12. Exacly what bothers me with Hyper products, their mics. Well they look decent so.. With the price of Sennheiser i might as well buy the Asus strix 7.1, but i'll add these to my list thanks. Im not a console peasant thank you very much.^^
  13. How is their mic quality, because i've heard it's not as loud as other same price range headsets.
  14. I need to buy a new headset because my old G430 are dying out. I've looked at G633 and Asus Strix 7.1 I got a budget of around 170€ (180$) so if anyone has any suggestions, thanks. And no don't recommend headphones, HEADSETS.
  15. +1, i mean there's no need for any explanations, we all know him. (For those who don't, he's friendly, helpful, never abused on sg, im too lazy to write more).